Goose management

At the Broadmoor, our wide-open fairways and scenic water features provide not only a great golf experience, but ideal Canada goose habitat. As a result, we have a large population of Canada geese that make the golf course their home every summer. This can result in damage to the playing surface, unpleasant waste, and harm to geese from accidental ball strikes. 

The Broadmoor supports co-existence with geese, but we are also committed to minimizing and preventing negative interactions with geese on course. In order to achieve long term goose management, the Broadmoor has developed an integrated management plan which includes: 

Can the geese be relocated to a different area? 

Geese, eggs and nests cannot be relocated, except in very rare circumstances. Relocation is also a short-term strategy, which is why we have adopted an integrated management plan. 

Geese are protected by the federal Migratory Birds Convention Act and the provincial Wildlife Act. It is prohibited by law to harm these birds, or to disturb or destroy their eggs or nests, except under specified conditions, such as hunting season and areas, or where there is a significant risk to public safety. 

What can golfers do to help? 

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